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Regional Airports Deploy Landing Fee Kiosks

Livewire Digital continues to expand the deployment of its landing fee payment kiosks to regional airports.

March 15, 2021 – YORK, PA – Livewire Digital began rolling out its landing fee payment kiosks to regional airports in 2017.  The fee collection system, one module in Livewire’s Vehicle Management suite, continues to evolve and provides coverage for automobiles, trucks, boats, and aircraft. The latest deployment was recently completed at the Sarasota Manatee Airport in late 2020, with Addison Airport soon to follow. 

Airport Landing Fee Payment Kiosk
Similar to Livewire’s self-service Customs duty tax payment solution, the landing fee payment kiosk enables airports to gain operational efficiency, reduce costs, and extend the ability to collect fees after-hours. Pilots can look up their airplane’s profile or enter new information for an unregistered craft, then pay the associated landing fee based on the size of the plane. The kiosk also supports payment of docking fees for boat landings.

Besides the efficiencies provided by self-service, the kiosks have also resolved some significant pain points for the airports. Through configurable late fees, airports are now able to easily provide incentives for pilots to arrive on time, and to capture additional funds to cover overtime costs when staff must stay past regular hours to process late landings. Pilots with prior unpaid fees are also prompted for additional payment when checking in on subsequent visits, resulting in an overall reduction in outstanding receivables.

The airport landing fee payment terminals are built on Livewire’s Engage IoT software platform which offers comprehensive security, integration of hardware components, remote monitoring and management, and support for payments via cash, check, credit, and stored value. The Engage Commerce engine’s extensibility also allows for collection of other types of associated fees for services such as trash removal and aircraft cleaning. Enclosure options allow for either indoor or outdoor installation of the kiosks, and Livewire’s SmartKonnect enables contactless interaction with the application.

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