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The Gift to Connect via Kiosks

GIFT CARD SALES are the fastest growing retail segment in the economy. With LIVEWIRE’s kiosk software, you can tap into this revenue stream with speed and efficiency. Whether you’re considering gift cards, gift certificates or phone cards, pre-paid debit sales are quick, convenient and widely popular with consumers.

THANKS TO LIVEWIRE, they’re easier than ever to distribute wherever you want.

  • Dispense and activate gift cards, gift certificates and phone cards from kiosks
  • View secured web-based transaction reports
  • Monitor printing/dispensing processes in real-time
  • Payment processing – two-second credit card authorizations
  • Reaching a wider audience
  • Increased sales through strategic placements in high-traffic or remote locations
  • A convenient sales channel that is distinct from retail point-of-sale
  • Increased profits – 53% of gift card recipients spend more than the card’s value
  • More repeat business – 61% of recipients spend the full value on their first visit

To learn how to get more from your virtual concierge kiosk system, click here.

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