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Kiosk Applications and Software

Livewire Digital’s self-service kiosk applications not only improve the power to connect to your customers, they can increase your bottom line. Customers who can find and pay for what they want easily are more inclined to spend more money and more often. A self-service kiosk can help you accomplish that!

In addition to our award-winning kiosk software and custom solutions, our Engage IOT platform provides back-office functionality to manage your entire system. Our secure and cost-effective options enable the growth of a new generation of self-service systems that will help you manage your kiosks remotely and generate revenue faster and easier.

Self Service Ticketing

SELF-SERVICE TICKETING SOLUTIONS are a convenient way to connect with your customers and profitable for you.



Livewire’s eConcierge® software replaces traditional concierge channels, managing communications to your customers via kiosks, digital signs, mobile apps, social media, and web sites, all through a single console.

Self Check-In

Self-service check-in kiosks are quick and easy to use in corporate offices, healthcare facilities, and hotels.


Gift Cards/Pre-paid Debit

GIFT CARD SALES are the fastest growing retail segment in the economy. With LIVEWIRE’s kiosk software, you can tap into this revenue stream with speed and efficiency. 

Human Resources


 Maximize your web-based HR investment with a fast, affordable and secure HR kiosk software solution from LIVEWIRE.


Information Access

IMPROVE COMMUNICATIONS within your organization. With LIVEWIRE’s kiosk and digital signage software, distribute valuable information to employees, customers and the general public when and where they need it.

Building Directories

Livewire’s Enterprise Kiosk Software and integrated eConcierge digital signage allows remote management of tenant information and playlists as well as monitoring of the kiosk system.


Whether you want to direct guests to a location in your facility, neighborhood or municipality, LIVEWIRE’s WayFinder kiosk software and digital signage systems are for you.

Digital Reader Boards

Renaissance Hotel Directory Kiosk

Display building tenants or businesses, present meeting schedules, display event information, greet your customers, highlight your business and projects or acknowledge your staff.

Digital Signage Video Walls

If you are looking for a way to engage your customers or audience with a powerful digital display, a video wall is something to consider.

Digital Signage Menu Board

Our eConcierge® CMS kiosk software supports digital displays that can be used as menu boards to present content rich information and graphics for your business.

Temperature Screening

Protect your associates and customers with body temperature measuring self-service check-in kiosks that are quick and easy to use in corporate offices, healthcare facilities, schools, sports venues, and hotels.

POS CheckMate / Smart Safe

Livewire’s POS CheckMate kiosk extends the cash capacity of your POS system so you can operate more efficiently while maintaining cash securely and available when you need it. 

Payment Kiosk

Self-service payment kiosks are a convenient way to improve customer service and increase your operations efficiency. Allow your customers to perform self-service transactions securely via credit/debit card, checks, or cash. 

DMV Payment Kiosk

vehicle registration kiosk is a convenient way for Department of Motor Vehicles to improve customer service and increase operational efficiency.


Schools give out awards and achievements to sports players and students.

Airport Fee Payment

Self-service airport landing fee payment kiosks are becoming very popular with regional airports. Not only do they provide a convenient way to improve customer service, but kiosks can significantly increase your operation’s efficiency.

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