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Digital Signage Video Walls

Red Lion Video Wall

Video Walls Connect with WOW

If you are looking for a way to engage your customers or audience with a powerful digital display, a video wall is something to consider. They are widely used to dynamically present any visual information on a wall using multiple screens to create a virtual wall canvas of information.

Livewire’s Engage IoT kiosk and digital signage management software is a multiple feature application that allows you to create, manage and schedule all content on your video wall. Our solution is scalable, allowing you to manage multiple digital displays from one software platform. In addition create an omni-channel network using our platform to push this content to interactive kiosks, mobile apps and web. 

Benefits include:

  • Immediate & Unforgettable Impression
  • Effective Communications
  • Display Real-Time Data
  • Customized Tile Layout with Multiple Digital Display Content
  • Static or Touch
  • User Friendly Content Management System

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