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Engage for Windows

Engage for Windows is an extensible suite of software components that ensure connectivity, security, and extensibility of Windows-based devices integrated with hardware components, Engage IoT Server, and other external systems.



Secure Lockdown

The Engage Secure Lockdown application secures your device from user access to the desktop and unauthorized web sites. Lockdown also contains all of the features you need, such as session timeouts and on-screen keyboards, to easily deploy an enriched user experience.


Application Manager

Application Manager provides an always-on connection to Engage IoT Server through a secure communications channel that allows you to send commands to the remote device that are acted on immediately.


Device Manager

Device Manager provides interfaces to all of the most popular hardware components, while continually reporting component status and activity to Engage IoT Server for central monitoring. Device Manager also provides direct integration with external services such as remote databases and payment gateways.

Redundancy Engine

The Engage Redundancy Engine provides robustness when you need it at the device level by allowing multiple hardware components to be configured as redundant pairs.

Security Manager

Security Manager monitors and alerts you about the security and health of your devices environment through door switches, tilt sensors, and temperature / humidity sensors.

Service Manager

Service Manager provides watchdog functionality to make sure that all Engage services stay operational, and enables easy remote updates to those services.

File Upload Manager

Capture and upload files such as photos, videos, and signatures to the Engage IoT Server and associate them with transactions for long-term storage and reporting.

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