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Okay, I can hear the thoughts going through some of your heads right now based on the subject line, “I think that’s a bit far Dave, really, like royalty?”  But stick with me as I explain.   It is a well-known fact that attracting a customer to your business is much more expensive than keeping a current buyer. (If you don’t know the cost of your customer acquisition, I suggest you crunch the numbers right now.)  With the increasing competition for a customer’s attention and money, smart businesses have programs in place (often automated) that nurture the relationship with their customers.

Offering outstanding customer service is perhaps the best way to treat customers like royalty.  That is so important of a topic that I am dedicating next week’s email to it.  So let’s focus on some other best practices to give your customers the royal treatment.

Building a relationship with the customer that is so personal, you “wow” them, which creates that feeling of being a VIP.  You know information about them that they would not expect you to know, yet do something about.  In addition to sending a birthday offer, send them a special offer on the anniversary date of their first purchase with you.  If you know they have children and their children are approaching certain milestones, send the customer helpful tips or articles that relate to that milestone.  If they make a big purchase, check back with them in a few weeks or so to see how they are enjoying the purchase.   Send them a personalized gift of something they like or enjoy for no special reason other than to let them know you care and are thinking of them.  Yes, these ideas require you truly know your customer (see last week’s blog), spending some money, and an automated marketing system for seamless implementation, but these investments go a long way in making your company stand out.

Another way to help customers feel like VIPs is to ask them for their feedback after buying your product or service.  Asking for their advice makes the customer feel valued, and even more so if they see that your company has implemented the changes suggested.  Use their feedback as customer testimonials in your communications, web site, and social media channels and showcase your loyal customers through Customer of the Week features.

Giving your customers exclusive offers or early offers from the general public is another way to show them you care.  Let them know they are “insiders” in your organization and how much that means to you.

There are plenty of fun things you can do just because, for little or no cost.  Download a fun song and send it to them in an email.  When they click on it they will be able to have a fun “dance” break in their office/home courtesy of you.  Send them a humorous e-card or a “de-stressor” tip.  Send them a text message that reads, “Thought of you today, and it made me smile.” Tell them they were so right about something and let them know how that information impacted your product/service…the ideas are endless.

Are you a master of the VIP treatment? Making your customers feel valued is the best way to increase retention and consequently sales.

P.S. Interested in finding out how kiosks can help you with treating customers like royalty?  Click here to find out more.

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