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Meet the Client

The Occtane Group, based in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, was looking for a way to provide travelers to various destination spots with a better idea of the local area’s offerings. Out of this need, the idea for CONCIERGE Plus™ was born. Occtane’s concept was to provide up to the minute information about the local region, dining and activities, and current news, sports, and weather. Occtane was also looking for ways to provide more dramatic advantages over conventional advertising such as newspaper and magazine ads, radio, and brochures. They also sought a way to provide added value and convenience to customers by offering value documents such as tickets, gift certificates, and coupons.

The Challenge

Occtane’s search began for a company that could provide the technology needed to drive their concept. They needed the ability to easily manage content, both soft content such as text and images, as well as hard content in the form of tickets, coupons, and gift certificates.

User interaction would be through a touch screen interface. This interface had to be flexible enough to provide access to many different types of information and be easily changed on a daily basis. The information also had to be easily organized into various categories, sub-categories, and so on. Besides the display of information for each venue, the product would also need to include the ability to dial the venue to speak to someone in real-time, print maps and directions, and offer the ability to purchase related tickets and gift certificates.

To provide a means of advertising, draw in more users, and enhance the customer’s experience, Occtane’s desire was to use a large digital display above the user interface. They needed the ability to easily manage digital multimedia ads and display current news, sports and weather for the local region.

Present Accurate Information Real-Time

Ability to Change Content Real-Time

Promote Local Businesses and Activities

The Solution

After a lengthy search for the right technology, Occtane chose Livewire and its Self-Service Network Framework. The solution would include an integration of Livewire’s Ticket Engine™ and the Kudos Billboard™ digital signage into Livewire’s Remote Concierge™ product.

Through web interfaces, Occtane has the ability to manage content within a central database hosted at Livewire’s Network Operations Center, and deploy the content to kiosks individually or in groups. Ticket and gift certificate sales are also processed through Livewire’s transaction servers.

Multimedia ad plays and customer usage is all transferred back to Livewire’s remote management site and stored in the central database. Web-based reporting allows Occtane and its clients’ real-time access to system analytics of customers’ navigation through the information and interaction with the various features such as printing and dial-up over VOIP. Venues also have access to view ticket and gift certificate sales pertaining to them.

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