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Helping your clients promote what they have to offer to their customers is one way to create a successful, long-term relationship.  It’s like making your boss’s goals your own—a sure way to demonstrate that you understand the goals and can help accomplish them.  How can you put this to work in the marketplace?  By placing your client’s offerings front and center.  Here’s how it played out recently in a little town on the Gulf of Mexico.

Kemah is a popular seaside resort in Texas.  Tourists travel there regularly, but many of them remain unaware of everythingCity of Kemah Kiosk the town and its businesses have to offer.  To increase engagement with this great destination and to spread the word, they needed to promote everything they brought to the getaway experience.  A highly visible outdoor solution was the best idea, but it came with two challenges:

  1. to engage visitors before they headed to their favorite, established activities to expand their awareness of new attractions; and
  2. to make sure the information remained accessible despite hurricane winds and other severe weather the beach destination was vulnerable to

For Kemah, the solution involved installing specially designed self-serve kiosks that displayed a wider variety of activities and resources.  By expanding the awareness of the many fun options through interactive technology, we helped Kemah give tourists more reasons to visit and return.  New restaurants, boat and amusement rides, boutiques, and seasonal festivals were now clear choices in addition to the lighthouse, the boardwalk, and the roller coaster.

As well, by working with a trusted partner, EuroTouch Kiosks, we provided weather-resistant anodized aluminum and secure anchoring for the installation so it remains for the long haul.

What are your client’s goals? Perhaps we can help you meet them.  Shoot us an email—we’d love to help you make sure your client gets there.

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