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Livewire has installed digital signage that will showcase the recently installed SunPower solar energy system at the Department of Energy in Washington DC. Livewire’s digital signage will provide a true, real-time readout of the energy being collected via the solar panel power collection system.

The attractive, digital display will not only provide visitors to the location a sense of how much energy is being collected through the solar panels, but it will also provide the DOE with a means to relay marketing and other promotional messages to visitors in a dynamic fashion.

Livewire’s Digital Signage software is built on a remote content management delivery platform with quick and simple marketing messages, website integration and low level management by authorized marketing personnel. The applications are designed to allow for easy modification based on subjects such as news facts, RSS feeds, events and similar promotional or education messages.

The installation is part of a series of digital signage installs that Livewire will be doing for SunPower and its customers.

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