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In a Veteran’s Day weekend ceremony at Prospect Hill Cemetery, a new digital Fallen Heroes memorial was unveiled to the public.  The 46” touchscreen-based digital sign honors the more than 6,600 soldiers killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars by rotating through pictures submitted by families of the deceased.  The pictures range from birthday celebrations, to holiday get-togethers, and to ski trips, allowing visitors to view the more personal side of these heroes.

The project was the result of a promise Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery Heritage Foundation President Jack Sommer made to local families in 2010 when the cemetery retired a temporary memorial of over 4,400 flags representing the soldiers lost in Iraq.  Encased in black granite, the interactive digital sign represents a “more fitting, permanent memorial” according to Sommer.  The cemetery worked with local businesses for two years to make the vision a reality.

Livewire Digital, a Patriot Sponsor, provided the technology behind the memorial.  Its eConcierge digital signage and content management system powers the display’s rotation of photos.  At the touch of a finger on the screen, visitors may search for soldiers by name, state, branch of service, and date of death.  An additional touch on the search results yields more photos and information about each soldier.

Livewire’s President, David McCracken comments “Livewire Digital is proud to be a sponsor of the memorial.  These men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice for all Americans, and this is just one small way to pay tribute to them.”

The digital sign utilizes a hi-bright LCD screen which allows it to be easily seen during daylight hours.  York-based Gamlet, Inc. donated their expertise in securing the LCD to the granite.

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