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Livewire Digital is pleased to announce the deployment of its eConcierge® Content Management System and interactive digital signsthroughout the city of New York. The first 32” touch screen-based screens were unveiled on November 20 in Union Square by City24/7, a New York company installing over 250 units within Manhattan and other boroughs within the next few months.

The project has been the collaborative effort of a number of hi-tech companies working with City24/7 and Livewire. The screens provide New Yorkers with access to location-based information such as restaurants, parks, and shopping venues as well as local events and city-wide events. When not in use, the screens will display entertaining content and advertisements. Users will have the ability to view more information about the ads at the touch of a finger.

Livewire’s hosted eConcierge® system provides the ability for City24/7 to easily maintain and update the information and ads displayed on the remote digital signs. Livewire’s technology also makes the content readily available to City24/7’s web site and mobile application.

Livewire’s President, David McCracken comments “Livewire Digital is thrilled to be partnered with City24/7 on this initiative as both companies share a common vision of empowering people to connect with information they want and need, wherever they are, and whenever they want it.”

McCracken further explains “We’ve seen a natural progression over the past few years in user engagement activity, beginning first with single points of information via kiosks in stores and hotels and then migrating to larger deployments of interactive digital signs in venues such as resorts and malls. Today, marks the turning point to linking people, government offices, and private services together across entire cities such as New York City, by integrating kiosk, digital signage, and mobile technologies. While New York City offers a perfect setting for the initial deployment due to its pedestrian lifestyle, this Smart City concept is applicable to cities and towns of all sizes. The beauty of the City24/7 Smart Screen offering is that it can easily scale to accommodate all communities thanks to Livewire’s eConcierge product.”

Tom Touchet, City24/7 CEO says, “Livewire Digital’s eConcierge® system gives us the ability to display content that is important for NYC and provides scalability that can apply to all cities, large and small. I hope to see this system becoming part of the fabric of a variety of cities.”

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