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The two companies, (Livewire Digital and KioWare) have been partners in providing interactive kiosk solutions for over ten years. The partners plan to unveil their latest self-service software releases, KioWare Digital Signage and Enterprise Server at CETW. The new software supports kiosk solutions, digital signage, and mobile applications, integrating the management of digital content, users, sales orders, campaigns, product catalogs, point-of-sale terminals and kiosk usage. KioWare President, Jim Kruper stated, “As the digital signage market demand for interactive solutions has increased, the expansion of our product line into this market is a natural path. We have over ten years experience securing our client’s interactive kiosk solutions and together with Livewire can provide a complete and protected turnkey solution.” The booth will also feature digital signage kiosks with various Livewire client applications. Among them are the MGM hotel check-in application; Foxwoods Casino Players Club Promotions; HSBC Bermuda Duty Tax Payment application; Way Finding, Gift Card Dispensing and the latest projects featuring Mobile Application Development.

KioWare, which acts as a secure kiosk browser, also provides server-based remote monitoring. Livewire President, David McCracken said, “partnering with KioWare for the CETW made a lot of sense for us. Their presence in the booth will not only allow attendees to have expert knowledge sharing on hand, it also means they’ll have engaging time learning about the Enterprise Server solution.” An additional draw to the booth is a little known cocktail hour promotional item that representatives at KioWare have hinted at, but have kept vaulted, in the event’s anticipation.

“Attending the CETW is a great way to share some of the business creation and engagement possibilities we provide,” said McCracken. “We create top-to-bottom solutions for our clients, from designing to installing kiosks, digital signage, mobile application solutions, websites and other solutions. Being in San Francisco for CETW is a great way for us to share that message directly with businesses looking for these types of advantages.”

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