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If there’s one way to garner a customer’s loyalty, it’s by solving more than just the one issue that’s been presented. It’s by looking beyond that scope and seeing the customer’s big picture. It’s by offering a cohesive solution for the whole problem —before they think about who might help with it. Yes, it’s important to stick to what the customer views as urgent. But if they’re open to it, give ’em the whole ball of wax. Scratch that other itch they’ve been ignoring. This way you’ll satisfy your customers so well they’ll ask you about issues that aren’t even related to what you do. You will become the go-to guy. And that’s the sweet spot you want to be in. Here’s how it worked for us at Foxwoods Casinos.

  • Solve the first issue. Picture this: you won some “wampum rewards” last night at the casino, but you didn’t cash them in, and you’re not sure how many you have—or what they can buy. Hold that picture.
  • Go deeper. Instead of solving the first issue in a vacuum, we wrapped a solution around another problem the client had—information lockjam. As things were, casino guests needed to visit customer service desks to find out where the games and other amenities at the resort and casino were located. Okay, you remember that first picture? Now, picture 70 interactive kiosks where guests can check their wampum balances and redeem them for promotional rewards. Picture guests at the same kiosks, choosing an in-house restaurant, getting directions to the pool or the blackjack table—or heading to the next show.
  • Be ready with the next solution. At the AAA, Four-Diamond MGM Grand at Foxwoods, long check-in lines were frustrating guests and employees. This was bound to erode the resort’s popularity. We presented a self-service kiosk and integrated it with the hotel’s system that let guests check in, check out, or find out if their room was ready yet—all by their little selves. That level of power delegated downward created a lot of happy customers. The employees were pretty relieved, too, and the client? Well, they’re happy, and we’re looking for the next problem they have.

Your customers want their problems solved, their next issue anticipated, and their customers happy. Contact us to find out we can help you deliver a complete solution, giving them more than they even thought of asking for.

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