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Meet the Client

ViewPoint CRM offers state-of-the-art, 24/7/365 video monitoring services that provide improved safety and security for virtually any location. Using cutting edge video and voice technology, the monitoring center staff conducts remote patrols using onsite CCTV video surveillance in real-time.

The Challenge

As an extension of its product offerings, Viewpoint was commissioned by the developer of Freeport Station to create a customer facing application that would combine a way finding directory and site map with real-time customer service. The user would need to be able to access help in finding locations, emergency assistance or additional store information. Because the mall is constructed for outside access into individual store locations, a customer service counter found at traditional indoor malls was not a practical solution. Viewpoints’ desire was to make these services more readily available via outdoor, touchscreen, video enabled self-service kiosks.

Store Location Way-Finding

Virtual Customer Service

Real Time Promotions

The Solution

Livewire was engaged to develop an interactive kiosk and digital signage solution that integrated voice-enabled camera technology with a touchscreen kiosk to provide self service functionality that would deliver improved customer service in an outdoor environment, while adding flexibility and efficiency to management of the system.

Livewire’s Enterprise Kiosk Software platform and eConcierge® system provided the foundation for the solution, allowing the separation of application and content management. This resulted in significant savings in time and cost of introducing new promotions while eliminating the risk and effort of monthly application updates as previously performed.

The kiosk application is managed via Livewire’s hosted Enterprise Server and eConcierge add-in software. Store information and interactive wayfinding information is maintained through the web-based dashboard. A video management system keeps the user interface dynamic and interactive by displaying a window with a touch button labeled ‘Chat with a Live Rep Now’.

The solution is deployed on three custom outdoor kiosks throughout the property and allows visitors to view site locations and general store information. In addition, the 32” digital sign continuously displays advertising and other mall information such as special promotions, sales & mall events.

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