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Meet the Client

The founder of Golfing Solutions had an idea to create a new unique way for golfers to enjoy the friendly competition of matching their skills against fellow golfers. Other companies had created systems for golf courses that would allow golfers to try their skill at obtaining a hole-in-one. Golfing Solutions wanted to expand on that concept.

The idea was to develop a fully automated self-service kiosk system that could be placed on par 3 golf holes and facilitate a way for players to not only win cash prizes for a hole-in-one, but to also compete in a chance for closest-to-the-pin awards. Different levels of awards would be paid out depending on the amount of money deposited by each golfer and the level of play selected. Golfers could choose from a variety of closest-to-the-pin games with contests for the day or week, and compete against players at different courses. The longer the game period and more contestants involved, the higher the payout.

The Challenge

Golfing Solutions’ development effort began with a search for a company that could provide the kiosk software technology needed to drive their concept. They needed a company with experience in large-scale rollouts of real-time transactional kiosk systems, and with the expertise to interface with various external systems.

The self-service system had to be able to handle cash and credit transactions, dispense tickets to players, interface to a multi-camera video recording system, and providing a means to track the transactions. Each transaction would need to be associated with a video taken of each golfer, tracked through a shot analysis process, and tied to payouts for each game. A web site would allow contestants to view game winners, check on the status of their shots, and claim prizes.

In addition to the game play functionality, the kiosk would need to manage several vending machines. Purchases from the vending machines could be added to credit card transactions processed through the kiosk system. Sales and inventory levels would be uploaded to a central server to provide alerts of when to send a route person to replenish products and remove cash.

Interactive Rewards Systems

Customer Engagement

Product Inventory Control

The Solution

After a lengthy search for the right technology, Golfing Solutions chose Livewire and its Self-Service Kiosk Software. The solution would include an integration of Livewire’s Ticket Engine™ to a multi-camera video server, and multiple vending machines through MDB and DEX vending machine interfaces.

Through a web-based  remote management dashboard, Golfing Solutions has the ability to manage games and transactions within a central database hosted at Livewire’s Network Operations Center. Real-time sales are available through the management site.

After initial pilot testing, several changes were made to the system. A new smaller kiosk option has been designed to allow placement close to the tee box where integration with vending machines is not necessary. An Aces Oasis card program has also been established, allowing customers to purchase stored value cards in the club house via a countertop self-service terminal. The card may then be utilized for payment at the game kiosk located on the course.

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