Kiosk Description

The Spectrum is a wall mount kiosk ideal for use as interactive digital signage. It features a complete kiosk enclosure for digital signage LCD screens or just the front fascia cover. There are multiple color options for the cabinet and trim piece as well as multiple materials available for the front faceplate. It is a design that is sure to stand out, and a variety of small PC options are offered for this model.

Additional Kiosk Components

  • Industrial PC Intel Celeron, i3 or i7 processors
  • NUC PC or mini PC
  • Touch Screen
  • Amplified Speakers
  • Wi-Fi or Cellular Connectivity
  • Headphone Input Jack
  • Microphone/Phone System
  • Proximity Detector

Components are but not limited to list above. Contact us for additional Requirement

Color Options

This kiosk comes in standard colors with extremely durable, attractive and eco-friendly powder coat finishes.